Julia NLIn this section, we put the spot light on one of our volunteers to thank them for their time with us and their contribution to our success. This month, we thank Julia Day who was with us from October to December 2015. This is what she had to say about her time at ULYP:

“Every morning at 8 o’clock comes the bus to the school. Up jump kids, up jump kids…” They know it by heart and they love it. Jumping up and down and imitating the honk of the bus’s horn “One: peep, two: peep, peep…”: ULYP’s Young Learners. Upon their arrival to the beautiful ULYP campus in Dibbiyeh, my last bit of morning sleepiness was gone and I switched into a state of full focus and attention. During my internship at ULYP, I spent every Monday morning on campus in the Young Learners Program, teaching 25 preschoolers basic English. As the weeks passed, I got to know each one of those 25 personalities a bit better, the loud ones, the shy ones, the quick learners, and the ones that took a minute more of your time. The children soon opened up, were less shy, and felt more and more comfortable. During the rest of the week I worked in the office with whatever was needed: organizing, evaluating, running errands, and a lot more which allowed me to get an insight of ULPY’s work making programs like Young Learners possible. I also especially enjoyed working on the HARMONY program, aimed at raising awareness against gender based violence. It was so inspiring to me to see how engaged boys and girls were in the project. “I thank you Miss Julia”, said 5 year old preschooler Mohammad, before taking the school bus back home. Thank you too, all of you, and especially ULYP for making this amazing experience possible.



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About ULYP

Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is a nonprofit organization that strives to break down the social barriers that exist between the youth living in Lebanon, regardless of their backgrounds.

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