ULYP Celebrating Education Event – July 9, 2016

With the slogan “the future starts now”, ULYP held its second annual celebrating education event on July 9, 2016. This is an event that we launched last year with the word imagine: imagine having the students who graduated from universities on full or partial scholarships facilitated by ULYP on our campus to be recognized and celebrated. Then we moved from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality, and held that event in 2015 ending with a promise to make it an annual one.

This year, we celebrated the ULYP class of 2016 comprised of 93 graduates, 14 from universities abroad and 79 in Lebanon. More than a quarter of the graduates, 24 to be exact, graduated with distinction (GPA 3.5 and higher) and 7 of them with high distinction (GPA 3.8 and higher). Amongst the ULYP class of 2016 are degrees in engineering, social work, environmental health, hospitality and tourism, nursing, nutrition, business administration, psychology, medicine, architecture, communication arts, chemistry, economics, biology, medical lab, marketing, pharmacy, and math.

The event was full of pride, smiles, and tears of joy. The program included two keynote speeches: the first from Dr. Hiam Sakr, president of the American University for Scienceand Technology, followed by the Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, His Excellency Mr. Çağatay Erciyes. The program also included the distribution of two awards: the Giving Back to the community award granted to students who volunteered at ULYP in different positions while pursuing their education, and the Abu-Haydar Honor Society award for students who graduated with high distinction. The class representative, Hussein Mirii, spoke on behalf of the class and shared his experience since 2010. We share with you excerpts from his speech in this issue. Picture Graduation


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About ULYP

Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is a nonprofit organization that strives to break down the social barriers that exist between the youth living in Lebanon, regardless of their backgrounds.

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