Colors of the Rainbow

“I have been living in Lebanon for five years and I have never had a day like this… I am so happy I can feel the joy in every part of me!” expressed one happy Rainbow student during a cultural field trip this August. The summer months have been full of exploration, self-discovery, personal development and significant leaps and bounds in our Rainbow students’ English ability – on top of a lot of enjoyment, smiles and laughter!

Rainbow continued to develop beneficiaries’ English language to help them stay and succeed in school. The average improvement in English skills across the program was 70%. Rainbow also targeted growth in the beneficiaries’ personal skills through theater and art therapy, and parents attended monthly workshops designed to support their roles at home and in their children’s educational journey. Through engaging the students in cultural field trips, the Rainbow program expanded their world and allowed them to experience Lebanon beyond their limited environments.

There are 60 more children whose rainbows will be colored in the next quarter before we conclude this program.


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