Best Practices Disseminated

“Childhood belongs to children and it is our responsibility to make sure every child, including the marginalized and refugees, lives her and his childhood.” This is how Nicole Eid Abuhaydar, ULYP Executive Director, concluded her talk at the Arab Conference at Harvard in November. Nicole sat on the ‘Empowering the Next Generation’ panel at Harvard, disseminating the best practices of ULYP’s HAPPY program and suggesting ways to take this program to scale.

While in Boston, Nicole also addressed students of the Peace and Justice Studies Department at Wellesley College. She spoke about her personal journey with education, how she leverages education for social development and the models of intervention implemented at ULYP. “Schools and universities are not enough to meet the growing needs of society. There are too many underserved and working children, unemployed youth and disempowered women.” She encouraged the Wellesley students to ask the right questions when looking for solutions “You are the future, and you can make a difference starting today!”

Such recognition and opportunities to spread our message are humbling to receive and we are increasingly inspired and motivated to expand our reach and impact into the new year.


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