Math4Success? We Cracked the Code!

The weeks added up quickly and we have reached the end of the Math4Success program. From singing songs about order of mathematical operations to drawing a robot and finding its perimeter, 129 students engaged in fun and interactive activities that connected math with the world around them. Math4Success supports student learning by providing additional instruction on topics they are covering in school. One mother said, “My son’s teacher was shocked when he already knew the concepts at the beginning of a new unit in school. He is ahead of other students in the class because of what he is learning at Math4Success!”

Students also saw the application of math to coding as they completed tasks and created their own games. At the conclusion of the program, 129 students became teachers as they taught their peers math concepts using computer games that they coded. The program was a great success, and future students will continue to benefit thanks to a Training of Teachers (TOT) and the provision of equipment to the participating schools. The Math4Success program is part of Towards Inclusive Education, supported by UNICEF and in partnership with Terre des Hommes Italia.


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