Student Spotlight – Badrieh, FLY

Badrieh Darwish, age 24, started the FLY program in June. Since graduating with flying colors from the English and business preparation classes of FLY, Badrieh has gone from strength to strength.

Badrieh, a Physical Therapy graduate from the Beirut Arab University, secured an impressive internship within her field of study at Medical Aids & Rehabilitation Supplies (M.A.R.S.) – Saida. Three months down the line, Badrieh has excelled in her internship. “My experience has been very rewarding and I have gained valuable insight in my career as a physical therapist… my internship with M.A.R.S. has allowed me to work in a professional way with a professional team.” ULYP is so proud of Badrieh and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


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