Coding & Caring

Building each other up: according to our TLC participants, “That’s just what girls do.” Through a series of coding and computing workshops, 100 middle-school girls transform from computer novices into aficionadas, becoming familiar with both hardware and software. They study the fundamentals of coding, then convert their new knowledge into making art, music, logos and virtual worlds. The girls also apply their lessons to the real, ‘offline’ world – for example, by realizing how following exact instructions helps avoid missteps!


TLC Code Club empowers girls by exposing them to and training them in a cutting-edge field from which they are often excluded, boosting their ambition, confidence, conflict-resolution and creativity. Expert sessions reinforce these skills and emphasize celebrating diversity and staying healthy through good body image, nutrition and exercise. Just as importantly, the girls balance their many accomplishments with supporting and appreciating each other!

TLC Code Club is funded by TheirWorld.


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