Sharing Joy

A new year means a new semester of SHARE! With its different components, SHARE continues to be true to its name: Spreading Hope and Reviving Education. This semester, a new cohort of students joined the sports and arts component of the program and were excited by the various activities they have engaged in so far. In addition to playing basketball and football, the students enjoyed art, drama and circus classes to explore their creative sides.


SHARE also welcomed students back to its English component, where they continued to learn and discover in the positive, supportive environment they have built together. Beyond improving their English, SHARE students have formed strong friendships and shown great personal growth. Students ventured on a field trip to the circus for the first time ever, where Circ-en-ciel put on an impressive performance to the delight of the students. One group also attended a Science class at the American Community School Beirut (ACS) where they collaborated with their peers from ACS to conduct chemical and biological experiments relating to density, volume, lung capacity and more.

The parents of the SHARE children support the program and participate in awareness sessions on supporting the education and development of their children.

SHARE is funded by Foundation Beit Jiddi.


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