Bridging the Gap


For the Academic Year, 2018-2019, ULYP welcomed 114 students to the Bridge program, joining the returning scholars at universities in Lebanon, North Cyprus, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain and, for the first time; Malta! Thanks to all our donors and partners, ULYP’s new cohort is now well established in their universities and have just completed their first semester.

Of course, the Bridge Program is not only about scholarships. Diala Diab, who studies Medicine at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, and Maysam Azzam, BA Media and Communications, AUB Class of 2018, both represented ULYP at the Investing in the Future Conference: Youth – Challenges and Development Opportunities (IIF Mena 2018); a regional conference hosted by the Big Heart Foundation, one of our major donors in Sharjah, UAE. Diala and Maysa participated in the session entitled “Engaging Youth in Regional Development” aiming to empower all young people with a voice in the making of decisions that affect them.



The ULYP Alumni Association (ULYPAA) annual subscription fees have been collected and were matched with a scholar. Abdulrahman Al-Mousa is now enrolled at Texas A&M University, Qatar. He started in the Fall 2018 semester and has now completed his first semester with an outstanding GPA of 4.00! This very important milestone validates ULYP’s mission and vision to continue granting youth equal access to opportunities and education. It also highlights the generosity of the ULYP Alumni; giving back to others the same chances they were offered, in one form or another, and helping us continue our work to support a larger number of students!

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