Marching to the Tune of a new Award


In March, ULYP received the great news from Ockenden International that its Change program was being recognized with the 2019 Ockenden International Prize. ULYP submitted its first Change program, developed in partnership with the Asfari Foundation in 2018. A judging panel of six experts reviewed our submission and selected ULYP’s program that provides a path to higher education, allowing young people the potential to develop in extreme circumstances. According to Ockenden, “The judges said it won for its self-evident success rate educating isolated Palestinian and Syrian refugees, which will create a lasting legacy. The judges also felt that Change provides life skills, is transformative and should be a model project that can and should inspire other organisations with similar objectives.”

Ockenden International was founded in 1951 and is one of the oldest foundations to support refugees and organizations who promote the dignity and self-reliance of refugees.

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About ULYP

Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is a nonprofit organization that strives to break down the social barriers that exist between the youth living in Lebanon, regardless of their backgrounds.

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