Another Year of Happy Faces

With leaves falling and the weather changing, our HAPPY preschool program was packed with activities. The 112 children engaged during this period explored the world around them and learned about hygiene and healthy nutrition along with math, English and outdoor activities. Songs were sung from the top of their lungs, stories were read and acted out and the smiles and laughter during class were contagious!

As always at ULYP, we concluded the program with a Training of Trainers (TOT) designed to sustain the change and expand the opportunity for more children to experience the learning that HAPPY promotes. The teachers from participating preschools attended the session focusing on methodologies, theories and practices to increase math and literacy essentials in their own programs. After the training, teachers understood that one story can be read in many ways and for different learning purposes. One said, “I can’t wait to do a shared reading with my students to get them more engaged and speaking in English in class!”

This season concludes a year of HAPPY in partnership with UNICEF and Taawon Lebanon, within the Support Early Childhood Education Development Program. We look forward to learning with more HAPPY faces in the new year.


Ever Seen a Rainbow go Full Circle?

Above and beyond the interactive and specialized English tuition that characterizes the Rainbow program, our students engaged in a multitude of thematic life skills workshops that enforced their learning and broadened their horizons. Exploring the importance of environmental awareness through planting seeds in repurposed water bottles, learning about the various cultures of the world through music, food, and languages, and disseminating hygiene education by presenting group posters are examples just some of the interactive and holistic workshops that transformed the students’worlds and typified this semester’s Rainbow.

With smiles and positivity abound, we witnessed our students grow and learn with the content of Rainbow. Field trips saw them exercise proper basketball and football techniques and gave them a platform upon which to enforce and practice their team building, communication and respect skills. The Rainbow has truly gone full circle and we, as teachers, have not been left out – we have also learned and grown alongside our students.

This semester concludes the Rainbow program that started a year ago, and this semester has reflected what has been a beautiful year of holistic education, positive attitudes and smiling faces.

FLY with Flying Colors

The FLY program, For the Livelihood of Youth, was concluded in December with a touching closing ceremony to celebrate our beneficiaries’ achievements. The closing included testimonials from FLY participants, trainers from the LAU Continuing Education Program and the Malia Group.

The outcomes of the program were beyond the expectations of the partners, FLY participants and all involved. 100% of the FLY participants achieved working proficiency in the English on the TOEIC exam (Test of English for International Communication) and took this aptitude and sense of confidence with them into the internship component of the program. In challenging and stimulating internships, our FLY students honed their professional English and business skills and developed their confidence and independence. They are now equipped with the skills needed to successfully make the leap from education to work. Mabrouk to each and every FLY participant! FLY is implemented in partnership with Taawon-Lebanon and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.


Student Spotlight – Badrieh, FLY

Badrieh Darwish, age 24, started the FLY program in June. Since graduating with flying colors from the English and business preparation classes of FLY, Badrieh has gone from strength to strength.

Badrieh, a Physical Therapy graduate from the Beirut Arab University, secured an impressive internship within her field of study at Medical Aids & Rehabilitation Supplies (M.A.R.S.) – Saida. Three months down the line, Badrieh has excelled in her internship. “My experience has been very rewarding and I have gained valuable insight in my career as a physical therapist… my internship with M.A.R.S. has allowed me to work in a professional way with a professional team.” ULYP is so proud of Badrieh and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


Math4Success? We Cracked the Code!

The weeks added up quickly and we have reached the end of the Math4Success program. From singing songs about order of mathematical operations to drawing a robot and finding its perimeter, 129 students engaged in fun and interactive activities that connected math with the world around them. Math4Success supports student learning by providing additional instruction on topics they are covering in school. One mother said, “My son’s teacher was shocked when he already knew the concepts at the beginning of a new unit in school. He is ahead of other students in the class because of what he is learning at Math4Success!”

Students also saw the application of math to coding as they completed tasks and created their own games. At the conclusion of the program, 129 students became teachers as they taught their peers math concepts using computer games that they coded. The program was a great success, and future students will continue to benefit thanks to a Training of Teachers (TOT) and the provision of equipment to the participating schools. The Math4Success program is part of Towards Inclusive Education, supported by UNICEF and in partnership with Terre des Hommes Italia.


A Little Opportunity Goes a Long Way

If technology is not just the way of the future but of the present, it is crucial that youth and women in Lebanon have the opportunity to gain the skills needed succeed in today’s innovative economy. Maharat, funded by Microsoft Lebanon, creates this opportunity by providing trainings in computer basics, digital literacy, coding, entrepreneurship and social media. ULYP has provided customized Maharat trainings in coding to 150 youth and has also provided the opportunity for 60 women to engage in a full six-week program of computer basics, digital literacy, entrepreneurship and social media.


Another Journey Begins

Bags unpacked, new friendships formed and exams around the corner – 131 Bridge students are nearing the end of their first semester at 31 universities in 10 countries. This new phase in their journey as Bridge students is off to a good start and ULYP is proud of them.

This journey is just about to begin for the next cohort of Bridge University Scholarship Program students. The ULYP team has been visiting schools and university fairs across Lebanon to reach out to qualified and deserving students. We have met driven and passionate students aspiring to continue their education. ULYP can’t wait for them to apply, begin their Bridge journey and grow and develop into the students and people they should have the opportunity to be.


Student Spotlight – Ibtissam, Maharat and MOMs

“English is the universal language; it is necessary to learn, and two years ago I did not know any of it, not even the letters. Because of ULYP I learned English. I learned how to introduce my self and how to get to know others. In the last two years I attended two programs at ULYP, MOMs and Maharat. During the programs, I attended several workshops about personal well-being. I also learned about entrepreneurship during the Maharat program with Microsoft and ULYP. I recognize that the lectures have increased my awareness and understanding on the psychological and social level. They also prepared me for the responsibilities of being a great housewife, and how to be an ideal mother.

The programs also taught me that I can follow my dream of becoming a journalist while being a mother.

Thank you ULYP for everything. Thank you for embracing me and holding my hand through difficult times. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to extend my education.”



Looking Forward – Math4Success

Math4Success is about to begin its second semester. We are excited to see 120 new students actively learning math and coding before working to disseminate independently coded games to their fellow students. The peer-to-peer learning we saw in the first semester was amazing, and we look forward to seeing what our new students will create and share.

The Math4Success program is part of Towards Inclusive Education, supported by UNICEF and in partnership with Terre des Hommes Italia.



Bridging The Gap

The summer has been busy for the Bridge Program, we have celebrated the graduation of 100 students, matched 125 new students starting university with scholarships, and engaged 184 potential scholarship students in our University Preparation Course (UPC). As we keep growing, the number crossing the bridge is increasing and our family is becoming bigger and more supportive than ever.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is key, and for the 5th year running the Duke Engage program and its eight wonderful volunteers supported our UPC students in SAT preparation.

SAT preparation is just one way UPC supports our students’ university application process. Over the next two years these students will undergo university counseling and guidance sessions before the Bridge Program finds and matches students with potential donors to secure the university funding.

A special thanks to Dr. Abdallah Antepli and Ahmad Gitanes from the Duke Engage Program who, with the hard work and determination of our students and the Duke volunteers, made UPC 2017 a huge success.

The Journey Begins

One hundred and twenty-five students, the intake of 2017 – 2018, have just embarked on their journey in universities in Lebanon and abroad. This mammoth achievement would not have been possible without the great help and generosity of our donors and everyone who has stood by and believed in ULYP since day one.

Bridge will be open for new applications in October 2017 and cannot wait to have new students begin their application process, start their journey and hopefully join the ULYP family.

The Future is Bright

One hundred inspiring, powerful, educated and motivated Bridge Program university graduates recently marched down the aisle and were recognized for their achievements, awarded for their special talents and initiated as ULYP alumni.

The President of the American University of Beirut, Dr. Fadio Khuri, delivered an inspirational keynote speech filled with words of encouragement and enlightenment.

This graduation brings the total number of Bridge alumni to 328. At ULYP we are extremely motivated by the success of our students, their joy, and the impact they will make as agents of positive change. The future is bright!

Bridge stars!

Rita Musleh and Diala Diab, who are both studying at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, are making significant achievements in the field of medicine. Rita finished top of her class and after having recently interned at New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital with a focus on Neurology, will move to Germany in September for research. Read about Rita’s achievements here:

Diala, only in her second year at Yeditepe University, just published her first article on MeddyBear, a prominent scientific database. Diala has already proven her self to be an exceptional student and with her work ethic and determination we are sure she’ll make a great doctor in the future! Read Diala’s article here: