Looking Forward – Math4Success

Math4Success is about to begin its second semester. We are excited to see 120 new students actively learning math and coding before working to disseminate independently coded games to their fellow students. The peer-to-peer learning we saw in the first semester was amazing, and we look forward to seeing what our new students will create and share.

The Math4Success program is part of Towards Inclusive Education, supported by UNICEF and in partnership with Terre des Hommes Italia.



Bridging The Gap

The summer has been busy for the Bridge Program, we have celebrated the graduation of 100 students, matched 125 new students starting university with scholarships, and engaged 184 potential scholarship students in our University Preparation Course (UPC). As we keep growing, the number crossing the bridge is increasing and our family is becoming bigger and more supportive than ever.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is key, and for the 5th year running the Duke Engage program and its eight wonderful volunteers supported our UPC students in SAT preparation.

SAT preparation is just one way UPC supports our students’ university application process. Over the next two years these students will undergo university counseling and guidance sessions before the Bridge Program finds and matches students with potential donors to secure the university funding.

A special thanks to Dr. Abdallah Antepli and Ahmad Gitanes from the Duke Engage Program who, with the hard work and determination of our students and the Duke volunteers, made UPC 2017 a huge success.

The Journey Begins

One hundred and twenty-five students, the intake of 2017 – 2018, have just embarked on their journey in universities in Lebanon and abroad. This mammoth achievement would not have been possible without the great help and generosity of our donors and everyone who has stood by and believed in ULYP since day one.

Bridge will be open for new applications in October 2017 and cannot wait to have new students begin their application process, start their journey and hopefully join the ULYP family.

The Future is Bright

One hundred inspiring, powerful, educated and motivated Bridge Program university graduates recently marched down the aisle and were recognized for their achievements, awarded for their special talents and initiated as ULYP alumni.

The President of the American University of Beirut, Dr. Fadio Khuri, delivered an inspirational keynote speech filled with words of encouragement and enlightenment.

This graduation brings the total number of Bridge alumni to 328. At ULYP we are extremely motivated by the success of our students, their joy, and the impact they will make as agents of positive change. The future is bright!

Bridge stars!

Rita Musleh and Diala Diab, who are both studying at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, are making significant achievements in the field of medicine. Rita finished top of her class and after having recently interned at New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital with a focus on Neurology, will move to Germany in September for research. Read about Rita’s achievements here: http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/bedava-yemek-icin-geldim-40528284

Diala, only in her second year at Yeditepe University, just published her first article on MeddyBear, a prominent scientific database. Diala has already proven her self to be an exceptional student and with her work ethic and determination we are sure she’ll make a great doctor in the future! Read Diala’s article here: https://www.meddybear.net/diabetic-retinopathy/

Time to FLY

Internships within the fields of engineering, banking, social work, programming and more will nurture our FLY (For the Livelihood of Youth) students’ soft skills, increasing their experience and developing their confidence to successfully and independently enter the job market.

The program was piloted this quarter and is currently at the halfway stage: 25 young men and women, all graduates of universities and vocational institutes, committed to and completed three months of intensive sessions in English for international use and soft skills workshops. They have all developed their resumes and practiced their newly acquired interview skills and are now in the process of applying for internships. These youth are proof to all of us that potential just needs an opportunity to blossom.

FLY is implemented in partnership with Taawon-Lebanon and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.


Spreading Hope and Reviving Education Continues

SHARE continued growing its services and expanded its reach to include over 130 children in sports, arts, confidence building and English enhancement this Summer.

All the sessions shared one thing in common: a focus on creativity within holistic and supportive environments. Students of the English classes thrived within this environment and took their knowledge and application of English to the next level, creating a book with beautifully written stories.

Teamwork, friendship and happiness grew steadily among our SHARE participants, and by the end of the program, they left with significant improvements in confidence, joy and motivation to stay and succeed in school.

SHARE is funded by the Beit Jiddi Foundation.

The Power of Storytelling

Powerful, compelling and beautiful stories: this is what our beneficiaries managed to curate and share during the first delivery of the Rawiyat Project.

 Rawiyat is a series of storytelling workshops for young marginalized women to explore their own personal story while learning creative methods to curate and share these stories. The program specifically targets those who often find it hard to make their voices heard and advocate for themselves.

The interactive and emotive activities pushed the beneficiaries creatively, and we were left blown away by the power and beauty of the final stories. The young women left buoyed by the collective input and  full of confidence to make their voices and stories heard!

Respect Makes Differences Disappear

As we conclude the final module of the #Respect program, the results have been incredible. “Respect makes differences disappear,” “Respect friendship,” “Respect choice,” and “Respect your nationality” are four of the seventeen video slogans that have already reached over 2,000 youth.

The #Respect program, funded by the US Embassy Beirut Local Grants Program, empowers youth to learn about and engage in conflict resolution, tolerance of others, and values of acceptance all under the umbrella of respect. Students created filmed skits that carried their own messages of respect, then visited schools with their films and to personally disseminate the messages within them. They graduated from the program equipped with the necessary tools to help them play the important role of active agents of change.

Colors of the Rainbow

“I have been living in Lebanon for five years and I have never had a day like this… I am so happy I can feel the joy in every part of me!” expressed one happy Rainbow student during a cultural field trip this August. The summer months have been full of exploration, self-discovery, personal development and significant leaps and bounds in our Rainbow students’ English ability – on top of a lot of enjoyment, smiles and laughter!

Rainbow continued to develop beneficiaries’ English language to help them stay and succeed in school. The average improvement in English skills across the program was 70%. Rainbow also targeted growth in the beneficiaries’ personal skills through theater and art therapy, and parents attended monthly workshops designed to support their roles at home and in their children’s educational journey. Through engaging the students in cultural field trips, the Rainbow program expanded their world and allowed them to experience Lebanon beyond their limited environments.

There are 60 more children whose rainbows will be colored in the next quarter before we conclude this program.

TLC is Back!

Can you imagine learning to code computer games, make short films, curate carefully constructed artwork, and make music through code on a computer that you constructed yourself in one program? Sound tricky? Well, the 45 girls in the TLC Code Club did just that! They imagined, created and graduated with flying colors.

The program engaged girls in a series of holistic coding and computing workshops and – as per ULYP’s mission statement – worked with experts to deliver life skills sessions on team building, conflict resolution, confidence and decision making.

Jana Daoud, an alumna of the program, said that the combination of both computing and life skills sessions in one program was amazing. She not only learned how to solve her problems, but also gained the confidence to stand up and believe in her own abilities.

TLC Code Club is funded by Theirworld

TLC Code Club is funded by Theirworld.


It was a hot summer, yet the HAPPY preschool students stayed cool by exploring sea animals and putting on a play in English for their parents. One hundred five-year-old girls and boys engaged in HAPPY and benefitted from the opportunity to actively learn and explore indoors and outdoors. HAPPY is in partnership with UNICEF and Taawon- Lebanon.

Teachers and staff attended a one-day workshop on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in early childhood education in August, helping them stay up-to-date on the latest research while understanding how to apply the information in the classroom.

Spread Your Wings

Looking ahead to the summer months, we will launch an exciting new program, FLY (For the Livelihood of Youth), funded by the Welfare Association in Lebanon-Taawon, that seeks to promote the employability and social cohesion of youth in Lebanon. The program primarily addresses youth unemployment and the lack of opportunity to be able to change and improve one’s situation. To do so, the FLY program will tackle the skills gap that exists between recent university graduates and employer expectations by providing business, English and soft skills training, coupled with internship placements. FLY aims to equip Palestinian refugee youth with skills they need to gain a competitive edge within today’s labor markets. FLY will hopefully give the participants the wings to fly past obstacles and soar toward a better and more productive life.