Breaking the Glass Ceiling

ULYP’s founder, Melek, was honored in Istanbul on the 10th of March for her work with underprivileged youth and for being a committed social activist. She was celebrated as an exemplary Turkish woman who ‘broke the glass ceiling’ at the Cam Tavani Delen Kadinlar Platform conference meeting. We are proud of our founder!

Ta’atheer Award – Best NGO

At ULYP, we are delighted and honored to have received the Ta’atheer 2017 Award for Best NGO at the Ta’atheer CSR conference in Dubai, May 2017.

The category of the best NGO rewarded the best non-governmental and non-profit organizations that showcase examples of best practices and successful program delivery.

The judges expressed that ULYP stood out for three main points: 1) its work with ALL underprivileged groups without any discrimination, 2) its model of leveraging education for social change and working with different age groups and stakeholders, and 3) putting into practice ULYP’s slogan “diversity is a reason to celebrate not a cause to discriminate”.

This is an amazing honor and we would like to congratulate our dear ULYP family, friends and supporters for this recognition!

BRIDGE Selected for Best Practices Award

IMG-20141002-WA0012 (2)ULYP is extremely proud to announce that the BRIDGE program has been selected for a ‘Good Practice’ award by the Outreach and Practice Unit Faculty of Health Sciences (AUB). The faculty was commissioned by UNICEF MENARO and the UN Inter Agency Technical Task Team on Young People (UNIATTTYP) to document ‘Good Practices in Adolescent and Youth Programming in the MENA Region and Globally’. The awards focus on 5 areas: Civic Engagement, Skills Development, Resilience Building, Health and Other (entrepreneurship, social skills etc). BRIDGE’s work impressed the faculty significantly and led them to select BRIDGE out of 77 other competing programs as a ’Good Practice’ in the area of Skills Development.

The faculty weighed detailed reports on methodology, results, long-term impact and successes, finally choosing BRIDGE after an interview between the BRIDGE team and the representatives from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

We are very excited and proud to have been recognized with this award and are looking forward to the publishing of the official report.