Supporting ULYP

Running for ULYP

The Blom Bank Beirut Marathon will be held on the 11th of November this year and ULYP will be in partnership with them again! Every runner has the option to run in partnership with an organisation and a percentage of the proceeds is donated to the charitable work done by that organisation. This year, if you run for ULYP, part of your registration fee will go to the wonderful work we do with children and youth in Lebanon. Last year’s donations helped to build our new pre-school, which has been teaching young children all year!

If you are planning to run in the marathon this year, please run for us. When registering on the marathon website, all you have to do is click on ‘ULYP’, when asked what organisation you’d like to support (under the ‘Run for a Cause’ tab). These donations make a huge difference to the work we do here so please, get your running shoes on and run for ULYP.

Give a Coat, Warm a Heart

Winter is coming, and without the right clothing, many families will struggle to stay warm. We are therefore delighted to announce that our Caring Coats Campaign will be running for the fifth time. Between October 15th and November 15th, ULYP will be placing donation boxes all over Beirut, as well as at our office. Please donate any coats, scarves, blankets and other warm pieces of clothing if you can. Last year, over 3500 hearts were warmed by your kind donations. This year we are hoping for even more!

Thank you, your contributions can make a huge difference!

Zade Dirani in Concert

On 11th of October, Zade Dirani is playing at the Palais Des Congres, in Dbayeh. This event is hosted by one of our wonderful partners, Taawon Lebanon. Please join us at this concert to enjoy Zade Dirani’s music and support our joint educational programs. Tickets are available on the ticketing box office website (

ULYP’s New Basketball Court and Program

basketball court

With donations collected through our campaign online (JUST GIVING) and offline ULYP was able to start constructing its basketball court to serve hundreds of children every year. Contributions and support from many friends of ULYP are greatly appreciated. CCC managed the construction as well as providing a donation towards making this happen. UNICEF’s CIRCLE program also partially funded this process. The next steps include covering the court and starting our basketball program this fall – part.of CIRCLE’s Team Sports Camp.

New Program: CIRCLE

A circle has no beginning and no end and neither does our new program in partnership with UNICEF. CIRCLE is a multifaceted, integrated program that targets the psycho-social wellbeing of children, youth and women through activities designed to help the participants better understand and express themselves, as well as cooperate with each other. The program targets 500 beneficiaries and takes place over a period of 7 months ending in February 2015.

 For Sports: Football Retreats

Three football retreats were held this summer.  During each retreat, the 30 players and their coaches spent three nights and four days on our campus. They attended football training sessions, as well as learning new cooperation and team work skills and building new friendships through football skills-building activities, conflict resolution and health and hygiene workshops. After a fierce competition at the end of each retreat, the winning teams met for a final cup, which was won by Al Somoud from Nahr el Bared. Congratulations to all participants, especially the winners!football retreat 2

For the Arts: Artist and Actors

This program enables children to develop their social skills, gain self-confidence and learn about their rights—through the arts.  Three mini camps of two nights and three days were held at the ULYP campus for  children aged 8-14 who came from as far as Bekaa, Tripoli and Tyre to immerse themselves in music, drama, art and handicrafts. The children also benefited from conflict resolution workshops and learned to work and live together on our campus.artistsAndActors

Vita Mundo

Vita Mundo 3

ULYP student Mahmoud Al-Abbassi recently participated in UNICEF’s Global Challenge, creating innovative solutions to real problems faced by people living in at-risk communities around the world.

“My name is Mahmoud Al-Abbassi and I am a third year mechanical engineering student at the Lebanese American University. I became involved with ULYP in 2012 when ULYP started the first steps of SAT tutoring. I gained high grades in the Lebanese baccalaureate and I was granted a scholarship funded by Mr. Jalal Laham.

Three friends and I decided to participate in the ‘Global UNICEF Challenge 2014’. Two of my team mates, Jad Abdo and Mohammad Hammad, were also ULYP students studying mechanical engineering, and our fourth team mate, Ryan Abi, studies graphic design. The main concept of the UNICEF challenge is to innovate new solutions for the current problems in Syrian refugee camps. After many visits to the camps we realized that waste is a vital problem.

We are the ‘Vita Mundo’ Team and our project is about creating a compact fully-automated waste sorting machine that diversifies waste efficiently into five categories: iron, aluminium, glass, plastics, and organic material. In our design we are focusing on the motivation to use the machine by adding a machine that gives the user a voucher that would permit him to retain a symbolic amount of money after using the machine.

If we won the competition it would be a great chance to extend our work to make the full design of the Vita Mundo Machine and improve it because we still have new ideas to try. The winning team of the UNICEF challenge will be guided by investors to test the machine on the ground and assess success and failure. So I guess if we win everything is possible.

Our plan is to keep expanding our dreams and always seek success. My plan as an individual is to see this work progress and to keep innovating.

Thanks for your time, thanks for the support.”

Prosteel – Working all Day and all Night


Yousef Rmayyed (2)Yousef Rmayyed, one of ULYP’s students studying civil engineeringrecently took part in the Prosteel ‘Permanent shelter design after earthquake disasters’ competition.

“I was invited by my lecturer, the head of the Civil Engineering department at Cyprus International University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Balkis, to join 2 architecture students in a group to represent our university in a competition. The competition was entitled “Permanent shelter design after earthquake disasters ” and took place in Van, Turkey. She chose me due to my hard working study and high grade achievement – I have the highest grades in the civil engineering department at the university.

There were 30 groups from other Turkish universities who also took part in the competition. The groups were made of architecture students to work on the structure and design, and civil engineering students to create the design and calculations. These structures were to be made from steel only with no reinforced concrete used!

My team, formed of 2 architectural friends Öznur and Elif, started our design and analysis more than a month before the submission deadline, with hard work, searching, trying to find the best solution available, and using the best methods of analysis and design. We sometimes worked all day and night, facing conflicts and difficulties and doing our best to solve them!! Sharing our experiences between each other, we all worked together as a team create our design. We won an Honorable Mention Prize from Prosteel 2014 for what we created. We are proud of what we have done, including both design and analysis!

I joined ULYP in 2010. I graduated from Cyprus International University this semester, at the end of June, and am now looking for a scholarship to complete my Masters study in the field of construction management.

Of course I would like to thank you all at ULYP, and special thanks and regards to Mrs. Melek.  I am here in this situation and position because of her valuable effort and the uncountable help she gave and is still giving for me. From my deep heart I thank her very much.”