ULYP and Liban Jazz

We are pleased to announce ULYP’s new partnership with Liban Jazz, which began at the turn of the new year. Liban Jazz has been supportive of our mission over the years and together we have hosted two fund raising concerts for ULYP. To launch the season, The Grammy nominated artist: Hot 8 Brass Band will perform at MusicHall on Sunday the 24th of February. More information is available on the Liban Jazz Facebook page. If you are interested in buying tickets, please contact us at ULYP on 01 745 887, and ask for Jana, who will help you reserve your spot.Liban Jazz Image

Spring Cleaning

Are you doing your spring cleaning and looking for a place to donate some of your things?

While our caring coats campaign is over now, we continue to collect clothes donations through our new partnership with FabricAid. ULYP now is one of the first organizations to join hands with FabricAid and houses one of their blue collection bins. For every kilogram of clothing we collect, we get $0.50 that we will put towards growing our pool of beneficiaries. The initial amount collected will go towards the HAPPY program to help more children enter schools with a strong foundation. Through this partnership, we will also be part of FabricAid’s network and benefit from other donations as they materialize.

Bring your clothing donations to ULYP and we will put them in the blue bin. Once the bin is full, FabricAid will proceed with pick up and our beneficiaries will feel the impact.

A Marathon Effort

What do First National Bank (FNB), American Community School at Beirut (ACS) and International College (IC) all have in common? They all ran for ULYP’s cause at the 2017 Beirut Marathon and helped make this year our most impactful to date!

Sunday 12 November witnessed 215 runners come together for ULYP’s cause at the Beirut Marathon. We want to express a huge thank you to everyone who ran for ULYP, our ACS and Bridge program volunteers who filled our cheering and water station with noise, encouragement and smiles, and FNB who sponsored our students to run. It was a truly inspiring day and one that will not be forgotten soon.

ULYP’s First Fundraising Event – a Success!

PosterAfter two years of debating what the perfect fundraising event for ULYP would be, something unique, fun and offering a great time for all, we decided on a concert. Accordingly, on the 6th of April we successfully held ULYP’s first fundraising event ever. The concert was given by the wonderful oud group Le Trio Joubran at Music Hall. The three Joubran brothers gave the packed venue a night to remember, filled with amazing music and a fantastic atmosphere. The audience was enthralled and so were the musicians!


The Trio has been playing for over 10 years, transforming traditional oud music into an original and passionate mix of traditional local music, jazz and flamenco. Their unique style blends poetry and oud seamlessly together with a superb outcome. Their last album was heavily based around recordings of Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry, bringing an unusual depth to their music. They concluded our concert with a unique piece played by the three brothers on one oud. Yes, you heard it, that’s 6 hands playing one piece on one oud in total synchronicity. In case you missed it or would like to see it again, please visit ULYP’s YouTube page to see them in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mptAXUJmdY.

Trio JoubranMost importantly, the event was a great success both in raising funds for ULYP’s programs, as well as in increasing awareness of ULYP among the general public. Regular tickets sold through Virgin Ticketing Office were sold out days before the concert; likewise, patron tickets sold at ULYP all went ahead of time. Moreover, in response to popular demand, standing tickets were also sold at the door.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of the wonderful people who believe in ULYP and our mission. Our most heartfelt thanks go to Rami El Nimer for his sponsorship, to Karim Ghattas and Liban Jazz for organizing this amazing evening, to Michel Elefteriades and Music Hall for hosting the event and to all the patron ticket holders, ULYP Board, friends, supporters and concert goers.

The $21,000 raised at the event will support us in growing our services and reaching out to more and more vulnerable children, youth and women to empower them and prepare them for a better future and a united Lebanon.

Thank you for spreading the warmth!

Our first ever winter clothes drive, the Caring Coats Campaign, was a real success! Thanks to many donors and helpers we collected 41 boxes of warm winter clothing which have been distributed to Syrian refugees in the Bekaa.

In November we asked our friends and supporters to spread the warmth to underprivileged families by cleaning out their closets and bringing their spare warm clothes to our collection stations. The response to the campaign was amazing and we were able to collect:

15 boxes of sweaterscaringcoatscampaign

8 boxes of pants

9 boxes of coats

1 box of baby clothes

2 boxes of shoes

2 box of hats and scarves

3 boxes of bags

This was only possible with the helpful hands of Dany’s, T-marboutah, Halak Optics, Houri Hearing, The Garderie, LAU, ACS and FNB, all functioning as collection stations.  We are also very grateful to the Palestinian Cultural Club at LAU who set up their own drive for us, and to our 12 enthusiastic volunteers who helped to sort out the clothes.

In January, a second clothes campaign, Give Warmth, was set up in collaboration with Tara Hermez. This was in response to the storm Zina, which hit Lebanon bringing inches of snow and leaving many families freezing in the harsh conditions. ULYP collected approximately 100 more boxes of clothes and blankets, which were also sent to families in the Bekaa for distribution by two local NGOs, SAWA for Development and Aid, and URDA.

A big special thank you to everyone who donated their clothes or time to help make these campaigns happen and keep families in need warm!

Peace- Love – Run for ULYP

A grand total of 205 people participated in this year’s Beirut Marathon for ULYP, raising an incredible $3,189.67 for our Together in one Basket program. We are very grateful to everyone who supported us this year, especially to First National Bank, the American Community School and all our wonderful station volunteers!


This is the second year in a row that people have been able to run in the marathon for ULYP and for a united Lebanon. We were pleased to have a group of runners of mixed nationalities and ages, like the ULYP family itself. This included: 58 runners from First National Bank, 45 runners from American Community School, six ULYP staff and volunteers in the Relay Race, several friends of ULYP, and our star runner, Aliaa Ghaddar, who ran the whole marathon. Paul van Sprang, the father of a ULYP team member, made his way from the Netherlands to Beirut to bring the $2,550 he kindly raised for us and to run the 10km. In addition, 82 children currently participating in our programs had the opportunity to take part in this fantastic event, 42 running 10km as an ‘Adopt a Team’ guided by their coaches and teachers, and a further 40 children sponsored by FNB to run the 5km.  marathon volunteers

10 students from our BRIDGE program volunteered at our fruit andwater station and another 10 at our Gatorade station to keep all the runners refreshed, hydrated and motivated.

We are very grateful to all our friends and supporters who ran, donated and volunteered for us, especially to FNB, ACS and Paul van Sprang!

ULYP’s New Basketball Court and Program

basketball court

With donations collected through our campaign online (JUST GIVING) and offline ULYP was able to start constructing its basketball court to serve hundreds of children every year. Contributions and support from many friends of ULYP are greatly appreciated. CCC managed the construction as well as providing a donation towards making this happen. UNICEF’s CIRCLE program also partially funded this process. The next steps include covering the court and starting our basketball program this fall – part.of CIRCLE’s Team Sports Camp.

The Beirut Marathon: Running for a cause – running for ULYP

bandana cropped

Early in the morning of Sunday 10 November, thousands of people gathered for the Beirut Marathon. Altogether there were over 36,000 participants from 104 countries taking part in one of the many races, and thousands of volunteers and supporters who made it such a great day.

ULYP had almost 170 runners, mostly running the 10KM Fun Run, with some in the 5KM Youth Race, and the Marathon Relay. We had one star runner, Claus, who ran the whole 42KM marathon. ULYP also had a water station at the 12.5KM mark in Ghobeiry, which all the marathon runners and many of the relay participants ran past and received water bottles and renewed energy from 10 enthusiastic volunteers.

All in all from registration fees and kind donations we managed to raise over $1600 for our SAWA program! This is an arts-based program that brings underprivileged children and youth together to unite through music, art, mosaics, and drama while practicing mutual understanding, citizenship and respect. For any more information about this and other programs, please visit our website.

Through the marathon not only did we raise funds, we hope that with the help of all our runners and volunteers wearing ULYP bandanas and T-shirts, we will have raised the profile of ULYP and spread our message, to unite the youth of Lebanon, to more people.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated on behalf of ULYP, especially to the families from First National Bank,  Capital Finance Company, Middle East Capital Group, the runners from Manchester United Lebanon, the families from Mnirkud Sawa, ULYP staff and friends and all the other individuals who ran for ULYP. We would also like to thank everyone who donated both towards our SAWA program, and towards registration fees allowing some of ULYP’s children to run, and our brilliant volunteers for their eagerness to help. These fantastic runners, walkers and supporters made our first marathon a huge success.

Next year we plan to be even bigger and better and reach 500 runners. We would love you to join the ULYP team, either as a runner or a volunteer!

We have uploaded photos of the marathon onto our Facebook page, so please visit and have a look. If you took part in the marathon for ULYP and took any photos we’d love to see them! Please send us an email with your best pictures, and we will add them to our album.

And one last thing… We have set ourselves the goal of reaching 1000 likes on Facebook and 100 followers on twitter by the end of this week! Please help us to continue uniting Lebanon, by liking us and following us!

Marathon tshirt for blog


Running for a united Lebanon.

RunnersThis year for the first time ULYP has partnered with the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) and we have been encouraging our friends not just to run for Lebanon, but to run for a United Lebanon. There are many Lebanese NGOs who have partnered with the BMA this year, all who benefit by getting back a small percentage of the registration fee from every runner who signs up to run for them.

ULYP hoped to get at least 50 people to run with us, but after sending out dozens of emails and meeting with various interested groups we managed to get almost 170 runners! We are so thankful to all of our friends including FNB, the Manchester United Lebanon club, and some local school kids and mums, who helped us reach this fantastic number.

The money raised is going to fund a module of our SAWA project- an arts-based program that brings underprivileged children and youth together to unite through music, art, mosaics, and drama while practicing mutual understanding, citizenship and respect.

Some members of ULYP staff will also be running in the marathon relay’ on the 10th November, if you aren’t signed up to run then come along and support!

An Apple a day… makes a child HAPPY!

ACS students selling fresh Hammana apples.Last Wednesday as the first rays of sunlight began to shine on the Corniche of Beirut, ULYP’s organic apples arrived at The American Community School (ACS). With the help of some ACS Middle School students, the ULYP apple stall was set up and the smell of fresh apples filled the air.

Everyone who ate a delicious apple fresh from Hammana that day had a smile on their face: because by buying an apple, they all made a donation for children in need. All the money collected from selling the apples is going to ULYP’s HAPPY program (Healthy Alternative Program for Preschoolers and Youth). This gives underprivileged four to five year olds a head start in life by providing them with art, music, games, IT, English, reading and plenty of outdoor exploration, through which they are taught ULYP’s core values – respect of others, mutual understanding, cooperation and citizenship.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… We say an apple a day makes a child HAPPY! Thank you to all the students and teachers at ACS for your support!