Youth Ages 16-18

Change remains active for the second year and works with youth in or around the areas of Mount Lebanon, Saida and Beirut. Change is true to its motto ‘change starts with education,’ and through intensive sessions for enhancing English and Life Skills, students build a strong skillset for a better future. Change is in partnership with the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.

#Respect is back this year and aims to transform marginalized youth into active agents of positive and sustainable change, embodying, promoting and leading intercultural dialogue. #Respect re-imagines displaced youth as a potential, not a burden. The image of this population portrayed in the media is synonymous with war, oppression and suffering, leaving the truth about potential, abilities and respect absent from this picture. #Respect changes the image of this youth BY this youth. #Respect is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

UPC, the ULYP University Prep Course, is in motion working closely with current UNRWA 11th graders who are performing well at school. They are offered SAT prep courses and receive college counseling sessions to help them get ready for university applications and acceptances. UPC is funded by various donors.

Target around 500 youth

Respect Makes Differences Disappear

As we conclude the final module of the #Respect program, the results have been incredible. “Respect makes differences disappear,” “Respect friendship,” “Respect choice,” and “Respect your nationality” are four of the seventeen video slogans that have already reached over 2,000 youth.

The #Respect program, funded by the US Embassy Beirut Local Grants Program, empowers youth to learn about and engage in conflict resolution, tolerance of others, and values of acceptance all under the umbrella of respect. Students created filmed skits that carried their own messages of respect, then visited schools with their films and to personally disseminate the messages within them. They graduated from the program equipped with the necessary tools to help them play the important role of active agents of change.


#RESPECT empowers and enables youth ages 16-22 to engage in conflict resolution activities, and to embody and promote the values of acceptance and tolerance in their communities.

In order to sustain change and increase impact, ULYP believes in passing on the baton and giving others the tools necessary to instill change. #RESPECT, funded by the US Embassy Beirut Local Grants Program, does exactly that. In early February, the #RESPECT participants attended a Training of Trainers (ToT) focusing on creating interactive presentations that transmit messages to their peers in an interesting, creative, and informative manner.

In March, the students came up to the ULYP campus for a weekend retreat and closing ceremony. During the retreat, they refreshed the ideas that they discussed during the program, watched the videos they independently produced that carried the messages of #RESPECT, and through simulations practiced dissemination. Throughout April and May, the students will be entering schools and community centers to present their videos to the younger generations; training them on respect, equality, and acceptance – the messages that define the #RESPECT program.

We are excited to announce that #RESPECT has just kicked off the beginning of its third module! Following the opening of the first sessions, one of the students from the Dar AL Aytam Orphanage had this to say:” We have finally found people who understand and respect us fully!”