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HAPPY, with its slogan ‘bringing childhood back to children,’ has been active, mostly on our campus with a few exceptional sessions that we had to implement locally when safety was an issue. This foundational preschool program targets a new approach to early childhood education and brings change to children, their parents and their teachers. Thank you Beit Jiddi Foundation and Taawon/Lebanon.

SHARE, ‘Spreading Hope and Reviving Education,’ continues for the fifth year in a row, targeting children in grades 5-8 living in and around the Shatila camp for Palestinian refugees.  This powerful long-term program renews the students’ commitment to learning and growing. Thank you Beit Jiddi Foundation.

Rainbow is back at ULYP and has been relaunched to bring the ray of light in the form of education to rekindle hope and retain children at school. Rainbow works in five different locations around Lebanon and targets refugees and host community children to strengthen their academic performance in English, Math and coding. Thank you, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.

Target around 500 children


Sharing Happiness

The spring and summer of 2019 were busy for SHARE! We are working with 80 middle school children residing in and around the refugee camp of Shatila in Beirut. Students attend weekly sessions of English in the new center for Social Support Society in Shatila and enjoy full days of English, sports, arts and drama sessions on ULYP’s beautiful campus. As the summer comes to an end, we want to say good luck to our oldest SHARE students and welcome a new young group to this wonderful environment of spreading hope and reviving education.

The SHARE program, supported by the Beit Jiddi Foundation, grew this year to include HAPPY as a way to build the foundations of preschoolers who may become future SHARE students. Next year SHARE will celebrate its fifth year of changing lives!

Sharing is Caring

The end of 2018 marked the end of the first semester of the new SHARE program, and we have just begun semester two. This cycle of the program is working with 80 children in middle school grades residing in and around the refugee camp of Shatila, Beirut. Every week, the children engage in interactive English classes to improve their language skills. There have also been days enjoyed on campus, where they have continued their English sessions alongside workshops on team building, resilience strengthening and sports! As the winter comes to an end, we are really looking forward to welcoming this group to campus more often.

Alongside the HAPPY program, SHARE is funded and supported by the Beit Jeddi Foundation.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nell

“Hello Teacher!” I hear as we’re setting up the classroom; students arriving early, ready to learn, laugh and challenge themselves in another day’s lesson. For the past three months, I have volunteered with the SHARE and LIFE programs. I have grown and learnt so much about myself, while also watching our students learn and grow every day. The classroom is a place where our students can laugh and joke, but also a place for them to work together to develop new skills. Covering topics from bullying, and how to deal with stressful situations, to ecosystems and natural habitats, ULYP’s students are eager to challenge themselves and gain new knowledge.

Every day is different, some days more challenging than others, but great colleagues are always there for support and encouragement. Our students never fail to remind us that the work we are doing is important and meaningful.  From a simple, “Thank you,” at the end of a class, to, “We will miss you so much,” at the end of a semester, they are not shy to show us their gratitude.  For me, the biggest breakthrough is seeing those who were quiet and nervous in the beginning, now feeling comfortable and eager to participate and help their fellow classmates. During my time with ULYP I have gained valuable new skills and confidence, allowing me to become a better teacher. I have had the opportunity to work with hardworking, creative and caring colleagues, who have motivated and inspired me every day. Most importantly, I have learnt that ULYP’s work is important and necessary for spreading hope, positivity and change.

Education and Hope


The SHARE (Spreading Hope & Reviving Education) program for the children, youth and communities residing in and around the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila in Beirut, ended on a high this summer.

204 children took part in the program’s sports and art activities, the most we have ever had! And after completing the semester successfully, the SHARE students hosted two events to bring the community together: a sporting event where three teams from the Shatila camp went head-to-head in a competitive basketball and football tournament, and an exhibition showcasing the student’s upcycled pieces of art for all to see.

Intensive English classes were also held throughout the summer. This part of the program hosted 80 children at our center in Shatila and on our beautiful campus in Dibbiyeh where the participants have access to a recently built basketball court and a football field. These students worked hard throughout the summer, investing their time to learning English beyond their school education and preparing themselves for the upcoming academic year. To end the semester with a memorable event we took our English learners to the great outdoors in Arnaoon village. There, many discovered the thrill of zip lining, the freedom of mountain biking, the serenity of being in nature and much more.

Following the success of this summer, we are proud to announce that SHARE will be back for another semester this fall. A big thank you to the Beit Jiddi Foundation who will once again give us the opportunity to spread hope and revive education. See you soon!

SHARE program is funded by Beit Jiddi Foundation.

Sharing Joy

A new year means a new semester of SHARE! With its different components, SHARE continues to be true to its name: Spreading Hope and Reviving Education. This semester, a new cohort of students joined the sports and arts component of the program and were excited by the various activities they have engaged in so far. In addition to playing basketball and football, the students enjoyed art, drama and circus classes to explore their creative sides.


SHARE also welcomed students back to its English component, where they continued to learn and discover in the positive, supportive environment they have built together. Beyond improving their English, SHARE students have formed strong friendships and shown great personal growth. Students ventured on a field trip to the circus for the first time ever, where Circ-en-ciel put on an impressive performance to the delight of the students. One group also attended a Science class at the American Community School Beirut (ACS) where they collaborated with their peers from ACS to conduct chemical and biological experiments relating to density, volume, lung capacity and more.

The parents of the SHARE children support the program and participate in awareness sessions on supporting the education and development of their children.

SHARE is funded by Foundation Beit Jiddi.

Spreading Hope and Reviving Education Continues

SHARE continued growing its services and expanded its reach to include over 130 children in sports, arts, confidence building and English enhancement this Summer.

All the sessions shared one thing in common: a focus on creativity within holistic and supportive environments. Students of the English classes thrived within this environment and took their knowledge and application of English to the next level, creating a book with beautifully written stories.

Teamwork, friendship and happiness grew steadily among our SHARE participants, and by the end of the program, they left with significant improvements in confidence, joy and motivation to stay and succeed in school.

SHARE is funded by the Beit Jiddi Foundation.


ULYP’s SHARE (Spreading Hope And Reviving Education) program is an interactive and holistic program that targets students who are achieving particularly well at the Haifa school, an UNRWA middle school in the Chatila refugee camp. The program strengthens the English skills of these students with the aim of enabling them to obtain the tools and skills needed to progress beyond secondary education and into university.

In parallel to the English classes, Share offers sports and art activities to the students as well as cultural field trips. This semester, SHARE students participated in a day of science activities at ACS (American Community School at Beirut) and visited the Beirut Art Center.

We are halfway through the spring module and we are already seeing marked improvements in both the students’ level of English and in their own confidence with the language!