Student Spotlight: Mohammed


In this issue, we decided to let the student tell us about their journey with ULYP, in their own words:

“I took part in Change, a two-semester program providing academic support in English, which got me ready for the official (BACCII) exams in the first semester, and prepared me for university in the second, while giving us enriching English and facilitator sessions throughout.

 The sessions aimed at official exams helped me a lot because my performance in school, which wasn’t that good, improved and I got an excellent grade in the official exams. The second semester is where I got the most out of the program. The second semester helped each student individually in their applications to different universities, which helped me apply to AUB, and supported me in completing my application for the MasterCard foundation scholarship. Thanks to the support I got in Change, my application was selected among hundreds. In addition to the BACCII English support and assistance with university applications, the program helped me gain a lot of skills such as leadership, public speaking and teambuilding as well as time management. I gained such skills through the sessions conducted by facilitators and activities embedded in the English sessions (acting, presentations, games…etc.) which took place on different campuses. In addition to the education, the skills and the experiences I gained from workshops delivered by professional speakers, I had a lot of fun. Finally, the program helped me a lot in my first semester in AUB especially for my presentations in the English course where I got excellent grades. To sum everything up, ULYP’s Change program funded by the Asfari Foundation helped me a lot in the official (BACCII) exams, at university and in my life.

 Thank you for this Change, I’m really grateful.”

Student Spotlight – Badrieh, FLY

Badrieh Darwish, age 24, started the FLY program in June. Since graduating with flying colors from the English and business preparation classes of FLY, Badrieh has gone from strength to strength.

Badrieh, a Physical Therapy graduate from the Beirut Arab University, secured an impressive internship within her field of study at Medical Aids & Rehabilitation Supplies (M.A.R.S.) – Saida. Three months down the line, Badrieh has excelled in her internship. “My experience has been very rewarding and I have gained valuable insight in my career as a physical therapist… my internship with M.A.R.S. has allowed me to work in a professional way with a professional team.” ULYP is so proud of Badrieh and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Student Spotlight – Ibtissam, Maharat and MOMs

“English is the universal language; it is necessary to learn, and two years ago I did not know any of it, not even the letters. Because of ULYP I learned English. I learned how to introduce my self and how to get to know others. In the last two years I attended two programs at ULYP, MOMs and Maharat. During the programs, I attended several workshops about personal well-being. I also learned about entrepreneurship during the Maharat program with Microsoft and ULYP. I recognize that the lectures have increased my awareness and understanding on the psychological and social level. They also prepared me for the responsibilities of being a great housewife, and how to be an ideal mother.

The programs also taught me that I can follow my dream of becoming a journalist while being a mother.

Thank you ULYP for everything. Thank you for embracing me and holding my hand through difficult times. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to extend my education.”


Student Spotlight – Hanan Madjool, RAINBOW Beirut, Age 10.

Only a few weeks into the RAINBOW Beirut program, Hanan’s mother explained to the teachers how happy Hanan and her brother were now that they are enrolled in RAINBOW. “They used to spend their mornings at home with nothing to do until school starts at 14:00. Now, they wake up excited every morning and on weekends can hardly wait for their next session of RAINBOW.” Six weeks into the program her mother came by again to share the news that Hanan’s grades in English have been rising with every test and quiz she takes; so much so, in fact, that her English teacher at school asked her, “Hanan, who is teaching you English, why is your level improving so drastically?” Hanan’s mother expressed how thankful she is that her children now have the opportunity to learn and catch up with their education, making up for time lost leaving Syria.