University Education and Beyond

Bridge graduates: 2019 year brought the total of ULYP’s Bridge alumni to over 500. These young men and women have graduated from different universities in Lebanon and abroad; some are pursuing higher degrees and others are either already employed or on their way to employment.

Bridge’s current students: The number of students in universities pursuing undergraduate degrees in a plethora of majors total 382. These scholarships are made possible by different private, organizational and governmental donations. In addition, 25 ULYP students have been granted USAID scholarships that have been offered for the first time ever to non-Lebanese at AUB and LAU under the Refugee Scholarship Support Program. Four other ULYP students have been granted scholarships at AUB by the Mastercard Foundation, and eight have received Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program scholarships.

Special Diploma: 43 students are currently pursuing specialized short-term diplomas that build on their Bachelor’s degrees to increase chances of employability. These diplomas are supported by the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund (AGFE).

AUST:  86 students are now in their second year of tertiary education at the American University of Science and Technology studying different majors in one of the university’s branches around Lebanon. This is made possible by cost sharing from the university as well as AGFE. The Asfari Foundation has joined forces and provides additional support to some of these students to alleviate the risk of dropping out due to extreme financial demands.


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